GMB Booking System And Customer Service Channel


Checklist for GMB Booking System And Customer Service Channel


Setting up a GMB Booking System and Customer Service Channel ensures that your customers have a direct link to your business without necessarily being redirected to your website. A GMB booking system links your customers to preferred actions such as making reservations, booking appointments, making online orders, or searching for specific products in your listing. As such a booking system serves the same purpose as a CTA in terms of boosting conversions through increased engagement. Further, a properly designed and strategized booking system fosters customer acquisition in that in addition to attracting searchers to your listing, it further drives leads and subsequent conversions. In order to boost the potential of your booking system, it is imperative to add relevant information to paint a perfect picture of your listing to enable Google to better match your listing with search questions on searches and maps. This “GMB Booking System And Customer Service Channel” Checklist is a how-to guide for setting up your GMB booking system and customer service.