Optimizing GMB Messaging And Q&A Features


Checklist for Optimizing GMB Messaging And Q&A Features


GMB messaging and Q&A features are some of the most underestimated and underutilized SEO optimization strategies for GMB listings, so it is imperative that you work on optimizing GMB messaging and Q&A features. According to research, most customers prefer instant messaging (live chats) due to the immediacy attached to the feature in the sense that customers are able to get responses to their questions faster compared to other marketing platforms. The GMB messaging feature provides you with the platform to engage with your customers in real time, responding to any arising questions or an issue pertaining to your business thus influencing a customer’s purchasing decision. In a similar vein, the Q&A feature on your GMB listing enables you to draw insightful data from your clients and prospects through the type of questions they are asking about your business. Further, the Q&A section guides you in developing a FAQs list that addresses anticipated questions from your customers. This “Optimizing GMB Messaging And Q&A Features” Checklist delves into factors to consider in optimizing GMB’s messaging and Q&A features.