Optimizing Your Website URL For Higher GMB Ranking


Checklist for Optimizing Your Website URL For Higher GMB Ranking


One way of optimizing SEO ranking for any business is through targeted visibility and, as such, in order to foster higher GMB ranking for your website, it is important to ensure that your website’s URL, as well as other connected URLs are highly optimized for visibility targeting. Optimizing your website URL for higher ranking implies more leads, more traffic to your website and higher conversion rates since your website’s URL is equipped with features and factors that boost your GMB profile’s ranking. Google’s algorithm for ranking your GMB profile focuses on the quality of your website and as such, it is imperative that your URLs are optimized in order to not only foster higher ranking but further enhance your visibility and the subsequent customer engagement. This “Optimizing Your Website URL For Higher GMB Ranking” Checklist provides a guide for optimizing your website URL for a higher GMB ranking.