Running TikTok Ads


This “Running TikTok Ads” Checklist has factors to consider when running TikTok in-feed, brand takeover, branded hashtag, effect, top-view, and other type ads.


TikTok introduced an advertising system that makes it easy for brands and marketers to advertise their product/services. Further, TikTok offers plenty of advertising options to allow marketers the freedom to run ads that have more impact on their brands. Different ad formats offer different benefits to brands and as such, it is important for marketers to select ad formats that pose the highest impact for their brand. And coupled with the ability to create much needed buzz around your product, running TikTok ads have the potential to convert target audiences into sales at a faster rate with the addition of features such as CTAs and links to your website. This “Running TikTok Ads” Checklist lists factors to consider when running TikTok ads (In-feed Ads, Brand Takeover Ads, Branded Hashtags, Branded Effect Ads, Top-view Ads).