Setting Up / Managing User Access To Your GMB Listing


Checklist for Setting Up / Managing User Access To Your GMB Listing

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When you verify your Google My Business (GMB) listing, Google gives you the option of managing user access that allows other people access to your listing. The platform allows you to grant access to your team and thus grants them permission to post and carry out tasks in your GMB account. GMB user access levels are divided into the primary owner of the business, manager, and site manager. Each of the user level categories is assigned different authorities and user permissions on the GMB listing but the primary control of the listing is assigned to the business itself. As the owner, you are able to perform tasks such as editing business info, publishing posts, and adding or removing other users. The managers and site managers perform tasks such as creating and publishing posts, downloading insights, and responding to reviews. However, managers and site managers are not authorized to edit business info or remove and add users to the listing. Consider the following “Setting Up / Managing User Access To Your GMB Listing” Checklist when setting up/managing user access.