Setting Up Your GMB For High Ranking In Local Search


Checklist for Setting Up Your GMB For High Ranking In Local Search


One of the biggest disservices for your business is realizing that your GMB listing does not have a high ranking in local search appear in the relevant searches in your area or getting a relatively lower ranking in the local search. The lack of visibility or subsequent lower ranking can be a direct result of an incomplete profile and applying content that is inaccurate and boring, thus minimizing the visibility of your GMB profile. Factors such as relevance, prominence, and distance are central to Google’s ranking criteria and as such, it is important to factor them in your profile. Optimizing your GMB listing enhances your brand awareness, SEO and local search and further allows you to control what your customers see when they search for your business. Higher ranking in local searches increase traffic to your website, boost leads and conversion rates and translates into high sales volume. This “Setting Up Your GMB For High Ranking In Local Search” Checklist highlights the factors to consider when the goal is to boost your ranking in local searches.