Using GMB Posts To Boost Conversions


Checklist for Using GMB Posts To Boost Conversions


Google posts are similar to social media updates in the sense that they are an update of your business in terms of notifying your customers’ of relevant information about your products and services. When applied strategically, Google posts are highly effective when it comes to presenting your brand’s visibility and personality, as well as helping to boost conversions. One of the salient factors in terms of making your GMB listing more clickable is enhancing the level of engagement. To this effect, the rate of conversion is likely to be higher when customers can engage/interact with your content and as such, it is important to ensure that your Google posts prompt conversions. Characteristically, Google posts appear in the 3 pack and ultimately influences leads or lack thereof depending on the quality of the post. This “Using GMB Posts To Boost Conversions” Checklist addresses essential factors to consider when attempting to make your Google posts more click worthy.